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M4 Elevated Chiswick Flyover


VolkerLaser carried out major maintenance work on the elevated section of the M4, replacing over 400 existing asphaltic plug joints.

Key Services Provided

  • Asphaltic joint replacement
  • High Modulus Joints
  • Innovative Solution
  • Supply Chain Partner
  • Weekend & night working

The project was completed during five months of weekday and weekend overnight closures between Junctions 1 and 3 from Chiswick to Heston. Existing joints had failed to perform, breaking up and allowing water to seep through the joint. Rainwater collecting on the road surface was leaking through the unsealed joints and eroding the flyover supports. This essential repair work was required to extend the life of the road and reduce future maintenance.

Working in partnership with our supplier, VolkerLaser installed a joint system that halved the number of joints. This resulted in significant savings in programme, and associated reduction in road closures, together with a smoother, more comfortable road surface for drivers. Joints of up to 2.5m wide were used to replace the existing 440 conventional 500mm wide asphaltic plug joints, two at a time.

VolkerLaser laid in excess of 400 tonnes of Permanite’s Permatrack H, a high modulus mastic asphalt expansion joint system. Most of this material was delivered ‘hot charged’ in tankers carrying up to 18 tonnes of material direct to site. This increases safety for the teams handling the material, as they do not have to prepare it on site and allows greater speed of application.

A combination of using innovative solutions and effective management that made the project a resounding success, delivering an excellent finished product with completion ahead of schedule.

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Birse Civil Engineering Limited
  • Value
  • Duration
    104 weeks
  • Project categories

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