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Bridge bearings

VolkerLaser provides specialist upgrading and replacement of bridge bearings including mechanical bearings, elastomeric bearings and rocker and roller bearings.

The bearings on a large proportion of the UK's aged bridge stock are now coming to the end of their service life, and require upgrading or replacement. VolkerLaser is regularly involved in the construction planning stages of bridge bearing projects alongside the client and other contractors, identifying and providing innovative solutions to complex structural problems during the development stages of a project. 

We are able to conduct bridge surveys, including structural monitoring and bridge bearing inspection to gauge what works are needed and how best to carry these out. 

VolkerLaser can provide a complete bridge bearing replacement service, either as a principal contractor or as a subcontractor, including where needed, design of project specific temporary works, supply and operation of bridge jacking systems and hydro-demolition

As a  champion of innovative engineering, VolkerLaser delivered a forward thinking solution when replacing 512 no. bearings at Cleethorpes Road Overbridge. The geometrical arrangement of the tapered piers meant that the foundations were not directly beneath the bridge beams, so additional jacking foundations needed to be constructed. Excavating to do this would have run the risk of encountering unforeseen ground conditions and generating a large expense to the client.

VolkerLaser constructed reinforced concrete corbels stitched to the existing piers from which to jack the bridge. A specialist temporary works designer was appointed in order to develop this idea into a robust scheme. The corbels were designed to provide support to the jacking system to lift the deck during the bridge bearing replacement operation, thus eliminating the need for any works at ground level.

VolkerLaser has the capability to deliver all essential bridge bearing works and more, with a proven track record of success. 

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