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Carbon fibre wrap

VolkerLaser is one of only three contractors approved by Railtrack to undertake the application of high modulus carbon fibre plate to cast iron bridge structures.

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer plating is used to strengthen weakened or vulnerable structures. It provides a non-corrosive, versatile solution and can be used effectively in any number of environments.

The use of carbon fibre mesh sheeting allows for greater flexibility in the design of strengthening schemes. Flexible materials facilitate the easy formation of complex shapes - the low density nature of the composites means that the resulting repair materials do not corrode and are instead strong and light. The use of this technique removes the need to replace whole structural elements and provide fast effective solutions.

Our quality-assured techniques ensure that strengthening is carried out in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations and with due regard to health and safety requirements.

Our work on Reading Bridge required an innovative use of carbon fibre wrap in order to strengthen the structure without detracting visually from the the original design of the bridge. 

Thin, strong and flexible carbon plates were applied to the soffit of the bridge deck and beams; enabling an increase in its carrying capacity. Spandrel columns were also carbon wrapped to assist with the management of the constraints of the loadings and the vehicles above, mitigating risk to the overall delivery of the project.

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