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When infrastructure meets water, VolkerLaser can offer a safe and dry environment utilising a limpet cofferdam. Our strategic partnerships with industry suppliers mean we can now support marine works below water level.

We can provide services to projects on the coast, inland on rivers or on canals. With cofferdams, we are able to restore and protect sheet piles in submerged areas within active ports or canals, with minimal disturbance. The cofferdams allow VolkerLaser to provide inspection services, structural repairs, anomaly repairs and coating applications below water level in a safe and dry working space.

The cofferdams can be attached to a wide variety of quay walls. The patented sealings attach themselves to a number of different structures. They can be used from the dockside with a crane or from a fully equipped barge from the waterside. The system is completely environmentally safe, as it can contain any potential pollution created during the repair process including dust, overspray and grit.

Key benefits:

• Safe and dry working space
• Improved inspection capability
• Environmentally friendly
• Minimal disturbance
• Easily transported to site
• Adjustable depth where required
• Suitable for a variety of installations