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Concrete repair

VolkerLaser’s concrete repair capability is well-respected within the industry. We are acclaimed as the best specialist contractor in the UK, being awarded Concrete Specialist of the Year by the Construction News Awards, as well as Structural Concrete Awards on behalf of the Structural Concrete Alliance at the Concrete Society Awards.

Reinforced concrete requires regular maintenance in order to achieve its expected life. Repairs can vary from the careful repair, by-hand, of cracked and spalling areas, to the mechanical breaking out and saw-cutting or hydro-demolition of defective areas. Exposed reinforcement will then be cleaned and the concrete reinstated either by hand, shuttered and poured, or spray applied. VolkerLaser's team have the skillset to undertake all types of concrete repair work, with a proven track record of success. 

To prevent future deterioration and the need for further repairs, VolkerLaser recommends the application of a suitable protective surface coating and the possible introduction of a corrosion control system which can be delivered within a package of works following the concrete repairs.

VolkerLaser undertook extensive structural concrete repairs at the University of East Anglia and received a stellar reference from UEA project manager, Martin Lovatt:

“VolkerLaser is by far the best business in this field that we have worked with. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding, so much so that we have begun discussing with English Heritage using this work as a benchmark of how to treat 20th century listed concrete buildings and structures. UEA Estates has worked with many of the big named Concrete Repair Contractors through the years and in our opinion, VolkerLaser is second to none.”

Martin Lovatt
Project Manager, University of East Anglia

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