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External wall insulation

We provide external wall insulation measures to social and private low-rise and high-rise properties, benefitting local communities across the UK through long-term savings and warmer homes. We do not offer these measures on an individual basis.

External wall insulation is a layer of insulation fixed to the outside walls of your home and covered in a special type of plaster or cladding. Houses built before 1920s usually have solid rather than cavity walls. Solid walls tend to let more heat escape from the home than cavity walls. External wall insulation helps reduce the heat travelling through your home’s walls, helping you reduce your fuel bills and making your home warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.

External wall insulation systems come in a whole range of colours, textures and finishes, designed to suit the majority of building designs and client requirements. The new weatherproof coating also provides aesthetic benefit, enhancing the look of your home.

St John's Flats

Built in 1969, the thermal performance of the three flats was poor at 1.82W/m2K. Utilising a Structherm and Wonderwall external wall insulation systems, VolkerLaser considerably improved the thermal performance of the flats, reducing the U value of walls from 1.82W/m2K to a minimal 0.30W/m2K. Transforming the tired structures, the excellent workmanship at the project won at the INCA (Insulated Render and Cladding Association) Awards.

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