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Fast Beam

VolkerLaser is able to provide Fast Beam access technology exclusively to the UK market. Fast Beam is a revolutionary temporary works solution for bridge parapet repair and maintenance operations.

Fast Beam is a unique, safe and extremely efficient access system – brand new to the UK market. From straight to curved concrete bridges and platforms, it is designed to maximise working space and minimise traffic disturbance, whilst undertaking necessary parapet repairs, maintenance or construction.

The system replaces conventional scaffolding methods – reducing cost, time, manpower and risk. Typically, 50 metres of Fast Beam access technology can be installed by a three-man team within an eight-hour shift, compared to traditional systems which can take up to two weeks to install. Traffic management can often be reduced to maintain traffic flow, and the system can also be used to provide a pedestrian walkway or cycleway during bridge repair works.

The system is ergonomic, meaning it can be hydraulically adjusted up or down by up to 1000mm, either targeting specific individual access platforms or adjusted as a complete unit. When lifted up to the bottom of the deck, this creates a water and debris tight seal for undertaking hydro demolition or concrete break out works to the parapet. When lowered, it provides operatives with a safe working platform and access to the underneath of the deck edge for repair or maintenance works.

Fast Beam can also be installed whilst the existing parapets are in place, making it an ideal solution for rail bridge repair work and highways maintenance.

For UK enquiries call: 0800 022 3292

For international enquiries call: +358 97 252 2459

Key benefits:

  • Reduces traffic management
  • Fast installation
  • Highly adjustable working platform
  • Safe working area
  • Slim line design
  • Reduces load on the structure
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Proven track record on Highways England and Transport for Scotland schemes

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