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Humidur is an innovative, single coat paint system, offered by VolkerLaser, with the ability to provide long term protection to most surfaces - including steel and concrete.

Humidur is environmentally, and user friendly; and with satisfied customers worldwide, the system has accumulated over 35 years of claim free service. Warranties on the system can be offered for 10, 15 or 30 years, depending on preparation standards, and level of insurance required.

The single layer paint system, which requires no primer application, has high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, lubricants and detergents, and is 100% environmentally friendly with no solids, solvents, heavy metals or tar used.

Humidur is a product that has been in production for over forty years, and is now making its way into the infrastructure market sector. The system has previously been used in the oil and gas sector, with unimpeded success. The Acotec Group, producers of the paint system, is now expanding into the British ‘on land’ market, with other pending developments on the horizon. It has already been gauged that the market is ready for, a simple to use, long term serviceability product.
The versatility of Humidur means the product is perfect for a range of applications within the infrastructure market. Once applied, the paint system can cure in freezing temperatures, and even underwater or in wet conditions. Humidur is also extremely resistant, with the system being able to withstand temperatures between -35 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius, and also to resist fluids between pH 0 to pH 14.

Key benefits:

  • The most environmentally friendly paint you can get - a solvent free modified, two-part epoxy coating
  • No primer required
  • Spray or brush application
  • It can overcoat other paints, without a reaction
  • Faster application than any of its market rivals
  • Can be produced in any RAL colour – other similar coating systems only come in four shades of grey
  • Its elastomeric properties are excellent. It is tested dynamically with 100,000 load cycles, with the elastomer within having a high molecular weight

VolkerLaser used the Humidur system when tasked to deliver essential refurbishment works to a bridge located on one of the busiest roads in Edinburgh. Due to the strict six-week programme, VolkerLaser used Humidur, as an alternative to the originally specified paint system, due to its significantly quicker curing time, and single layer application.

For more information on Humidur, take a look at our downloadable brochure below.

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