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Tanking to basements

Basement tanking provides an effective solution to prevent the dilapidation of a structure by means of a waterproof membrane.

For home owners wanting to extend living space and utilise an old damp basement, or a commercial property that requires refurbishment - VolkerLaser can provide a basement waterproofing system to suit.  We are approved by construction chemicals manufacturer, Sika, and we can provide bespoke waterproofing systems including surveys, membranes, structural work and associated drainage.

We have experience with Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) on various projects, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where we designed a tailored waterproofing system during the planning stages of the project.  

To help reduce the pore volume and the danger of developing salt efflorescence and free lime egress, the entire internal facing of the museum’s basement was coated with strengthening and hydrophobic system, Köster Polysil TG500; increasing the chemical and mechanical resistance of mineral building materials. 

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