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Works are now complete at M3 Tower Hill


VolkerLaser was contracted to provide concrete repair and cathodic protection on the M3 Tower Hill Bridge, for client National Highways.

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Located in Basingstoke, the bridge plays a crucial role in facilitating the flow of traffic on the M3 motorway, over the local road beneath known as Up Street.

Work began in October last year, with the team initially conducting surveys on the abutments, crossheads and piers, on both the east and west sides of the bridge. These surveys consisted of hammer and half-cell tests to identify potential weak points. After weak points were identified, the affected areas were removed through hand breakouts and repaired, before applying spraying mortar.

Once the team had ensured structural integrity across all sections, they began preparing the structure for cathodic protection works by shot blasting surfaces to create a rough finish optimizing the adhesion of the concrete overlay.

The cathodic protection installation process involved placing an anode mesh throughout the structure, connected with titanium strips and shuttering, to ensure continuous protection, followed by laying the cathodic cabling system that protects it from further corrosion.

The final phase saw the team spray a layer of concrete to encapsulate the cathodic protection, with the shuttering helping to ensure a uniform finish.

The project was completed in line with the expected programme and to the satisfaction of our client, National Highways.


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