VolkerLaser are able to combat corrosion to considerably extend the lifespan of marine structures.


Due to the corrosive native of the sea, structural strengthening to ports, docks and piers is essential. Working alongside various port authorities as well as government bodies such as the Environment Agency, VolkerLaser has amassed invaluable experience in the marine sector.

Developing bespoke solutions to ensure the needs of the client are met, VolkerLaser's experts go the extra mile to provide a quality service. An industry leader, VolkerLaser’s Ryde Pier project was commended with a Structural Concrete Alliance award due to its innovative delivery within a tidal environment.

Our services include:

  • Cathodic protection
  • Coatings and impregnations
  • Concrete repairs
  • Hydro-demolition
  • Masonry repairs
  • Waterproofing

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