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VolkerLaser are experts in bridge refurbishment, and repair.


Utilising in-house resources, we can deliver a comprehensive suite of structural strengthening services, including bridge deck waterproofing, joint repair, concrete repair, and carbon fibre reinforcement.

As a civil engineering specialist, VolkerLaser can provide technical advice to the management of complex structural repairs, as well as major bridge refurbishment projects. We don’t just meet the brief, we help to write it.

We are regularly involved in the construction planning stages of projects alongside the client and other contractors, identifying and providing innovative solutions to complex structural problems during the development stages of a project. We conduct bridge surveys, including structural monitoring and bridge bearing inspection to gauge what works are needed, and how best to carry these out. 

VolkerLaser can provide a complete bridge bearing replacement service either as a principal contractor or as a subcontractor, including where needed, design of project specific temporary works, supply and operation of bridge jacking systems and hydro-demolition. 

As part of our extensive bridge refurbishment and repair specialisms, VolkerLaser also have the facility to provide bespoke access, and heavy duty propping systems to support bridge jacking operations, bridge sliding and lifting, and more complex bearing replacement projects. 

Our award-winning bridge projects have been renowned with many accolades, including the Historic Bridge & Infrastructure Award, as well as an International Safety Award.

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