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Bridge joints

VolkerLaser carries out the replacement and repair of bridge expansion joints that reduce the impact of stresses caused by traffic, preventing cracks and faults in the road surface.

Bridge expansion joints fail for several reasons; they can deteriorate due to high volumes of traffic over a prolonged period, or poorly specified / applied joints can become unsealed, allowing water ingress to the road base or underlying structure.

VolkerLaser are able to provide a complete bridge joint replacement service, including an initial assesment to identify the extent of works required to extend the lifespan of the bridge. We are able to undertake the bridge joint removal and replacement as well as the associated planning and saw cutting where needed. 

VolkerLaser are experienced in working with various bridge expansion joints; buried joints, asphaltic plug joints, nosing joints, reinforced elastomeric joints and elastomeric joints with metal runners. 

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