Keith Barrow outlines development strategy for Concrete Repair Association

VolkerLaser's director of major projects in the north, Keith Barrow, has outlined his plans for further developing the Concrete Repair Association in his new role as chairman.

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During his two-year tenure as Chairman, Keith plans to further develop the training available to members, ensuring their continued competence and advancing their skills and expertise. He also hopes to improve the benefits and rewards of membership and encourage greater participation, particularly from smaller contractors.

Highlighting that the CRA is an established professional association within this specialist sector of construction, Keith explains that its strict entry requirements mean that membership provides businesses with a marker of credibility.

As well as being able to demonstrate a proven track record and overall proven ability, each full member is obliged to be QA accredited to ISO 9001, and to the environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001. Members must also comply with the Association's stringent Codes of Practice and its training requirements. They must also display their commitment to maintaining high standards of health and safety performance, with many members having achieved accreditation to OHSAS 18001.

The CRA is also a valuable source of information regarding standards and good practice and produces numerous technical publications, including the newly updated Standard Method of Measurement.

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“The Concrete Repair Association is a compass of competency and emblem of quality workmanship.
I hope to develop the Association into a stronger and more rewarding organisation for its current members by continuing to develop the membership services, support and benefits they receive.
I also aim to demonstrate that membership is excellent value for money so that other professional companies within the sector will aspire to join.”
Keith Barrow

Keith was elected as Chairman of the CRA at its Annual General Meeting in Manchester on 16 October 2015. He has extensive experience of the industry and has been on the CRA Executive committee for some 10 years.