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Health and safety

Health and safety is paramount at VolkerLaser and is at the core of everything we do. We want to ensure everyone goes home safe and well at the end of the day.

Mental health day

Our mental health campaign #CHALLENGETHESTIGMA

Whilst we maintain clearly defined policies and procedures for our operational works, our approach to health and safety goes beyond creating a safe working environment. 

We understand there are many health risks associated with working in the construction industry, both physical and mental, and we work tirelessly to reduce these risks across our workforce. We have more than 20 mental health champions in our business, trained to help colleagues who might be experiencing poor mental health. These champions also help raise awareness of various campaigns aimed at improving the physical and mental wellbeing of all our employees. 

Our PALS logo

PALS - It's about you and me

The key to success when it comes to health and safety is behaviour, and we use our PALS behavioural programme to underpin our activities and embed a positive culture across all our teams. 

PALS is about ‘you and me’, and about how we all interact with each other as individuals and as a team. It has four key elements: Plan, Attitude, Lead and Share. 

Min Parker tells us about 'Plan'


Effective planning is vital across all parts of our daily lives. If we plan to do things 'Right First Time', we can reduce costs, reduce accidents, reduce stress and reduce our impact on the environment. Good planning requires us all to think ahead and take appropriate action at the right time. 

Andy Smith tells us about 'Attitude'


Attitude relates to our behaviours, beliefs and emotions. Having a positive attitude intends to promote our “CAN DO” ethos, our core values, and our 'Right First Time' approach. Having the right attitude, creates the right culture, which is about how we interact together as the VolkerLaser team – to be the best team that we can. 

James Ross tells us about 'Lead'


It’s about you and me being empowered to lead by example in everything we do. It means being able to respectfully challenge others and “Take 5” if something doesn’t look or feel right, regardless of your title. It’s about everyone taking responsibility and leading the way within both the business, and the industry. 

Ian Gillespie tells us about 'Share'


Sharing for us means sharing the good, the bad, and if we need to, the ugly, meaning we can foster an open and honest culture where we learn from others. Sharing is about communication and making sure everyone in the business is included. It’s also about learning from each other and sharing the knowledge and experience of our people to help others develop and progress with our business.

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