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University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia

From modern developments of new build housing to sensitive refurbishments of listed structures, VolkerLaser has the capability to protect, repair and strengthen any building. We provide a comprehensive specialist service, combining traditional skills with innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Listed buildings can often succumb to steel frame corrosion, leading to failing parts, our team is able to apply appropriate cathodic protection systems, whilst repairing or replacing cracked and broken brickwork to match the existing structure. We have extensive experience working on Grade II listed buildings. 

Held in high regard across the industry, our experienced team is able to provide professional advice to ensure client satisfaction, working in line with our ethos of providing clients with nothing but the highest quality of stable and secure structures. 

Wolverhampton Civic Centre Car Park

Wolverhampton Civic Centre

Multi-storey car parks

Our expert delivery in multi-storey car park refurbishments has led to us winning a series of awards. 

From isolated repairs, to total refurbishment, our team of directly employed specialists offer a wide spectrum of services to improve, revitalise and protect car parks, including structural repairs, floor coatings, access enhancements, waterproofing and the upgrading of fire and security systems. 

A lack of maintenance and general dilapidation often creates an unattractive and threatening environment for car park users. A feeling of insecurity encourages theft, vandalism and ultimately results in a loss of income to the operator. By using in-house capabilities, VolkerLaser can transform these car parks; creating a safe, clean and respected environment where customers will be happy to park their vehicles, improving revenues for the client.

Our capabilities

  • Carbon fibre wrap

    We use carbon fibre wrap techniques to strengthen weakened or vulnerable structures

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    Carbon fibre wrap works to Reading Bridge
  • Cathodic protection

    We are experienced in the application of both impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection systems

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    Cathodic protection installation
  • Coatings and impregnations

    We are approved by most of the specialist materials manufacturers for the application of various coatings

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    Coating application on bridge
  • Concrete repair

    We are the specialist contractor of choice for concrete repair works across the UK

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    Concrete breakout works
  • Masonry repairs

    We are skilled and experienced in undertaking masonry repairs on various structures, including heritage buildings and bridges

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    Masonry works to bridge
  • Structural waterproofing

    We have the expertise to plan a structural waterproofing strategy from start to finish

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    Structural waterproofing in Battersea
  • Temporary works

    We can offer a wide range of temporary works to suit a variety of applications

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    Temporary works to Stockbury Viaduct

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Andy Gibbons, Operations Director

Andy Gibbons

Operations Director