Newport Transporter Bridge
Whorlton Suspension Bridge

Whorlton Suspension Bridge

Structural rehabilitation goes beyond repair. Using our extensive capabilities, we can protect, repair, upgrade, and strengthen structures, improving their overall condition and extending their service life. Our in-house experts consider the long-term performance and sustainability of a structure and can offer solutions to future proof infrastructure across the UK.

We have experience working on heritage and listed structures across various sectors, applying modern methods of construction and engineering, whilst being sensitive to original designs and features. 

M48 Severn Bridge

M48 Severn Bridge

Long span bridges

We have the capability to undertake essential routine cable inspections on long span bridges. Inspections can consist of visually checking the exterior covering of the cables or more in-depth inspections, when necessary, to assess the condition of the interior wires by wedging the cable at selected locations and checking for signs of corrosion or deterioration. Where needed, we can provide bespoke access solutions to facilitate these inspections. 

Our capabilities

  • Bridge bearings

    We can inspect, repair, supply and install all varieties of bridge bearings 

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    Bridge bearing works
  • Carbon fibre wrap

    We use carbon fibre wrap techniques to strengthen weakened or vulnerable structures

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    Carbon fibre wrap works to Reading Bridge
  • Cathodic protection

    We are experienced in the application of both impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection systems

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    Cathodic protection installation
  • Coatings and impregnations

    We are approved by most of the specialist materials manufacturers for the application of various coatings

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    Coating application on bridge
  • Concrete repair

    We are the specialist contractor of choice for concrete repair works across the UK

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    Concrete breakout works
  • Fast Beam

    We offer safe parapet access using the Fast Beam system

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    Fast Beam
  • Steelwork repair

    We deliver steelwork repair, surface preparation and re-coating services across all types of infrastructure

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    Steelwork repair
  • Structural monitoring

    We undertake bridge surveys, structural monitoring and inspection works

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    Structural monitoring works
  • Temporary works

    We can offer a wide range of temporary works to suit a variety of applications

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    Temporary works to Stockbury Viaduct
  • V-Deck™

    We offer a complete under-deck access solution using the V-Deck™ system

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    V-Deck access system installed on bridge
  • Waterproofing

    Waterproofing is one of our core capabilities, and we are experts in sourcing the right solution to any structural problem

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    Waterproofing on Queensferry Crossing

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Andy Gibbons, Operations Director

Andy Gibbons

Operations Director

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