Bridge bearings

VolkerLaser provides specialist upgrading and replacement of bridge bearings including mechanical bearings, elastomeric bearings and rocker and roller bearings.

Bridge bearing works
Inspection of bridge bearing

Port of Dover

The bearings on a large proportion of the UK's aged bridge stock are now coming to the end of their service life, and require upgrading or replacement. We can provide a complete bridge bearing replacement service, either as a principal contractor or as a subcontractor, including where needed, design of project specific temporary works, supply and operation of bridge jacking systems and hydro-demolition.

We are regularly engaged during the construction planning stages of bridge bearing projects alongside the client and other contractors, identifying and providing innovative solutions to complex structural problems during the development stages. 

Our expertise includes undertaking bridge surveys, including structural monitoring and bridge bearing inspection to gauge what works are needed and how best to carry these out. 

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