Port of Dover

Port of Dover

VolkerLaser has been undertaking works within the Eastern Docks at the Port of Dover since 2018.

Bearing replacement at Port of Dover

What we did

VolkerLaser was contracted to undertake bearing replacement to Ramps A and B at the Port of Dover, Europe’s busiest ferry port. The work on site included the removal and replacement of mechanical bridge bearings including the stem that supports the lower bearing to the upper bearing beneath the soffit of the bridge deck. On each ramp there were three levels - a lower pier, middle pier and upper pier, which required bespoke scaffolding to be built, providing safe access to each level. With the presence of asbestos identified on site, a specialist team undertook hand breakout of the concrete and removed all asbestos present.

Bearing work at the Port of Dover

Hydrodemolition then commenced to remove all remaining concrete and free the bearings, ready for removal and replacement. Works were completed in phases, with the team replacing bearings on the lower pier first, before moving onto the middle and upper piers. Once the new bearings had been installed, concrete was reinstated, and all temporary works were removed from site.

The team has been praised for their collaborative approach on all projects working alongside several stakeholders and the client, Dover Harbour Board, to ensure minimal disruption to the port whilst work takes place.