Waterproofing in progress on Oldbury Viaduct
Waterproofing on M5 Oldbury

M5 Oldbury Viaduct

Working on roads, highways and motorways nationwide, VolkerLaser’s quality delivery make us the specialist contractor of choice when protecting, repairing or strengthening any key network link.

As a supply chain partner for National Highways on the Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF), we regularly conduct Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) works and are experienced in project management and programming, supplier co-ordination, cost compilation and risk analysis ahead of undertaking any major highways works. 

As a result of this involvement, we understand the intricacies of delivering works to major highways and our professional team is well-versed in minimising disruption to the public, facilitating appropriate stakeholder liaison throughout the project and ensuring everyone goes home safe and well. 

Works to Wandsworth Bridge

Wandsworth Bridge


As part of our highways capability, we are experts in bridge repair and refurbishment, working on a number of iconic structures across the UK. We can self-deliver a tailored package of works including bridge deck waterproofing, bridge bearing replacement, joint repair, concrete repair, and carbon fibre reinforcement.

Our skillset covers both concrete and steel structures, as well as long bridge and cable refurbishment projects. 

As a solution driven business, we offer a unique and innovative approach to complex logistical problems, supported by our proprietary access system offering, and extensive technical expertise. 

Woodhouse Tunnel works

Woodhouse Tunnel


Tunnels form an essential part of our UK road network, and we have a proven track record of success in the repair, refurbishment and maintenance of various tunnel structures. 

We understand the complexities the tunnel environment brings; including working in constraints of space and limited light, night working and traffic management. 

Our capabilities

  • Bridge bearings

    We can inspect, repair, supply and install all varieties of bridge bearings 

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    Bridge bearing works
  • Carbon fibre wrap

    We use carbon fibre wrap techniques to strengthen weakened or vulnerable structures

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    Carbon fibre wrap works to Reading Bridge
  • Cathodic protection

    We are experienced in the application of both impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection systems

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    Cathodic protection installation
  • Coatings and impregnations

    We are approved by most of the specialist materials manufacturers for the application of various coatings

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    Coating application on bridge
  • Concrete repair

    We are the specialist contractor of choice for concrete repair works across the UK

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    Concrete breakout works
  • Expansion joints

    We can provide a complete expansion joint replacement service

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    Welford joint replacement
  • Fast Beam

    We offer safe parapet access using the Fast Beam system

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    Fast Beam
  • Masonry repairs

    We are skilled and experienced in undertaking masonry repairs on various structures, including heritage buildings and bridges

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    Masonry works to bridge
  • Steelwork repair

    We deliver steelwork repair, surface preparation and re-coating services across all types of infrastructure

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    Steelwork repair
  • Structural monitoring

    We undertake bridge surveys, structural monitoring and inspection works

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    Structural monitoring works
  • Temporary works

    We can offer a wide range of temporary works to suit a variety of applications

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    Temporary works to Stockbury Viaduct
  • V-Deck™

    We offer a complete under-deck access solution using the V-Deck™ system

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    V-Deck access system installed on bridge
  • Waterproofing

    Waterproofing is one of our core capabilities, and we are experts in sourcing the right solution to any structural problem

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    Waterproofing on Queensferry Crossing

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Andy Gibbons, Operations Director

Andy Gibbons

Operations Director