M5 Oldbury project nears completion

Works on the M5 Oldbury project continue to progress well, with works completed in a number of areas.

M5 Oldbury ICCP 1.jpg
M5 Oldbury ICCP 1.jpg

Across the site the VolkerLaser team has:

• Installed 1200m2 of V-Deck™ platforms
• Surface preparation using hydro-demolition
• Applied 7900m2 of spray concrete, using approximately 110 tonnes of Renderoc DS

All works in phase two have now been fully completed, with works on phase three nearing completion, and all cathodic protection has been installed. Spray concrete works are 95% complete. Cathodic protection commissioning and verification works should be completed by 3 January 2023, and the remaining five V-Deck™ platforms will then be dismantled from site.

A new planned completion forecast of 96 weeks has been agreed for VolkerLaser’s £13 million Oldbury contract, which is now scheduled to finish in January 2023. The revised forecast is due to additional concrete repair requirements found within the work area, along with asbestos removal adding to the scope on several scaffolded areas.

VolkerLaser project manager, James Ross, said: “From the start, the project has run smoothly and as planned, involving much interaction with Kier Highways, which, through regular collaborative planning with their site teams, has run very well. We have a great team here at Oldbury, who are now all raring to go on the upcoming framework projects across areas seven and nine. National Highways has been a great client, assisting us with stakeholders throughout the programme to hit key dates along the way. 2022 is looking like it’s going to be a busy year.”

Senior project manager for VolkerLaser, Adrian Barrington, added: “As the scheme approaches its conclusion, it’s good to reflect on the collaborative work of all the stakeholders with the subcontractors - National Highways, Sandwell Council and materials and labour suppliers - all working towards producing a quality, safe, and cost-effective end-product. We will continue to strive for excellence on this, and all schemes within VolkerLaser.”

Colin Jackson, National Highways project manager, said: “The project has been a great example of collaborative working across our delivery partners, and National Highways look forward to carrying on these relationships into the new SDF contract.”