New framework sees VolkerLaser provide expertise to Highways England

VolkerLaser has been named as a contractor on the Highways England Area 7 Construction Works Framework.

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The four year, £250 million framework, will see a range of repairs, renewals and improvements made to the road network around the East Midlands and marks a change in working practices for Highways England as they take direct control of the road network.

As part of the works, VolkerLaser will be undertaking work to install and repair highway structure expansion joints and waterproofing systems including testing of existing waterproofing systems. The teams will also carry out concrete repairs to highway structures, installation and commissioning of cathodic protection systems, as well as the installation and commissioning of remote monitoring systems.

"This represents a real step change for Highways England and the way it has previously managed contracts. This new way of working in Area 7 demonstrates Highways England’s commitment to enhancing the way it operates the strategic road network over the next five years.”
David Poole, director for commercial and procurement for Highways England


"We are delighted to be working with Highways England on these important infrastructure improvements for the East Midlands. VolkerLaser has a wealth of experience in this area and we look forward to commencing work under the new collaborative approach for this framework. We are currently participating in the community forums, preparing for works to commence later in the year.”
Mike Weaver, managing director of VolkerLaser