New Pump Investment

In line with our diversification strategy at VolkerLaser, a major investment has been made into a new pump. The variable Ratio Hydraulic Proportioner is an easy-to-operate variable ratio system. Engineered for speciality materials that require a range or difference in volumetric ratio, the Reactor H-VR allows us to spray ratios from 1:1 through to 4:1. The system provides infinitely adjustable volume ratio - the operator can adjust exact volume ratio to ensure the A and B pumps to dispense the correct amount of material.


The pump provides a consistent, uniform mix of unique materials, and is already proving to be an extremely worthwhile investment for VolkerLaser, with 2 silcor 900MP jobs having already been carried out.

Purchased for the purpose of applying materials that require heating and applying at elevated temperatures sometimes at variable mixing ratios, the pump will be an essential tool as we diversify into new materials, markets, suppliers and clients.

With the ability to pump an array of polyeurea products including anti slip floor coverings, anti-slip and waterproofing vehicle deck coverings as well as roofing materials, the VolkerLaser management team are still investigating the full extent of materials that can be applied. Discussions with materials manufacturers are on-going but with the scope of works available the pump will pay for itself in no time.