PALS Champion programme launched at VolkerLaser

A PALS Champion programme has been launched in VolkerLaser by operations director, Andy Gibbons.


PALS is an HSEQ initiative, which has been reenergised within the business, incorporating four pillars of behaviour: plan, attitude, lead and share, all encompassed by the strapline “It’s about you and me.”

In order to drive this forward, Andy will be joined by eight PALS Champions, who were nominated for the role by their line managers, supervisors or co-workers. Each Champion exemplifies our core values of integrity, passion, innovation, collaboration, and winning, and they are all passionate about working for VolkerLaser.

The vision is that, as PALS Champions, they set the safety standards and enhance everything the business does, in terms of health and safety, and beyond.

IMG_1023 (1).jpg

The Champions will also be key communicators between the site teams, the VolkerLaser senior management team and all levels in between, sharing key changes, and new initiatives, as well as lessons learnt from across the business, and the industry.

Andy said: “I’m excited to launch the PALS Champions programme and to have eight people who share my passion for VolkerLaser and making a real difference in how we operate.”