The first phase completed at Wandsworth

Works are progressing well for VolkerLaser at Wandsworth Bridge in London.


The first phase of works, on the 80-year-old bridge, was completed on Friday 13 November, with the VolkerLaser team delivering the initial works two weeks ahead of the revised schedule. As a result, the focus can now turn to the underside of the bridge, meaning a reduced level of disruption to traffic.

Throughout this initial phase of the £5.1m project, traffic flows across the bridge have been maintained in both directions, but restricted to single lanes, while pedestrian and cycle access has remained unaffected.

With the help of sister business unit VolkerHighways providing traffic management expertise, all four lanes of traffic will remain open over the next three weeks, until scaffolding for the next phase of works is installed. In order to avoid overloading the bridge, with the additional weight of the scaffolding, one lane of traffic will be closed whilst the refurbishment continues. Safe cycle and pedestrian facilities will be maintained throughout, despite the reduced footpath area.

The rest of the work on the contract includes, concrete and steel structural repairs, and corrosion protection. The bridge will also be repainted to improve its appearance, and to protect its steel structure. This project proved to be a logistical challenge, due to the location of the bridge being on a busy stretch of the River Thames, however, VolkerLaser has collaborated with various stakeholders to develop a suitable access solution, which allows for river traffic to continue throughout the works.

Currently, VolkerLaser is coordinating the design process, and undertaking further structural inspections to the bridge which could increase the scope of the project. This may lead to further temporary works design and solutions, as well as more holding down members and bearing replacement.

Working in collaboration with the client, Wandsworth Borough Council, and the lighting contractor, VolkerLaser is aiming to return some glory to the forgotten landmark.

VolkerLaser has had to manage works to date around various road closures in the area, including, the significant and unexpected full closure of Vauxhall Bridge, which is diverting around 70,000 drivers a day to Wandsworth and other bridges. In addition, the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, to pedestrians and cyclists, is also leading more people to drive.

Kristijan Andric, VolkerLaser project manager at Wandsworth, said: “I could not be prouder of the quality of the work that the VolkerLaser and VolkerHighways teams are delivering to support this project.”

Works on the project are set to continue until October 2021.