VolkerLaser secures Port of Dover contract

The Dover Harbour Board has chosen VolkerLaser to complete elevated roadway bridge bearing replacement works to ramps A and B at the Port of Dover in Kent.

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The Port of Dover is Europe’s busiest ferry port and ramps A and B are critical to the day to day operations of the port for the loading and unloading of vehicular traffic from ferries arriving and departing the port.

The work on site will include the design and operation of a synchronised jacking system, removal and replacement of 32 bridge bearings and blasting repainting of the existing ramp structures.

VolkerLaser will be keeping disruption to a minimum by undertaking the replacement of the bridge bearings during normal port operations and allowing both ramps to remain available for use except when jacking operations are being completed, which will be done during restricted night closures. Work starts on site early January 2018 and is expected to continue until September 2018.