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Birmingham Tunnels

VolkerLaser was appointed to bring strategically significant tunnels in central Birmingham in line with European safety standards.

Works to Birmingham Tunnels

What we did

Tunnels are essential to the city’s road networks, seeing thousands of vehicles each day and the Birmingham tunnels are no exception. Notorious for causing city centre gridlock when blocked by accidents or breakdowns, works on these tunnels was very time critical.

Following a full asbestos survey of the Lancaster tunnel, our team undertook the subsequent asbestos removal required before the wider scope of works could commence. In order to strengthen the tunnel entrances, the team used hydro demolition to break out old concrete before installing new foundations. During the works, new safety barriers were also installed, as well as new emergency points and encased support columns.

The team also undertook necessary modifications to the Queensway and St. Chads tunnels, to ensure structural stability for years to come. New finishes were applied, and significant upgrades were made to the lighting throughout the tunnels.