Tay Road Bridge

Tay Road Bridge

VolkerLaser is currently working on behalf of VolkerStevin and the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board to carry out restoration works to Tay Road Bridge, a key transport link connecting Fife to Dundee.

Waterproofing on Tay Road Bridge

What we're doing

Since its construction in 1966, the bridge has faced decades of wear and tear, and exposure to the harsh Scottish elements, and the time had come for its deck to receive a well-earned refurbishment. The project was split into two phases due to weather concerns, with the scope of works including deck concrete repair, soffit concrete repair, waterproofing, new surface and sub-surface drainage, kerb installation, resurfacing, expansion joint installation, and refreshed road markings.

The first phase focussed on works to the northbound carriageway. The restoration process began with the removal of the existing surfacing, with the 2.3km deck being scraped and kerbing removed. The next stage involved fine milling and captive blasting to ensure the surface was ready for the new waterproofing application. 

Planing works on Tay Road Bridge

After successfully removing the existing surfacing, thorough hammer tests and visual inspections were conducted to determine the extent of the repairs needed, prior to concrete works commencing. During the first phase of repairs, our team completed approximately 32m³ of concrete repair work, with a total of 46m³ scheduled for the entire project.

The team is now back on site and will carry out the same scope of work to the southbound carriageway, with the addition of resurfacing the entrance and exit ramps towards Dundee. The team has recently been undertaking deck preparations which will be followed by removal of the existing kerbs and further surface preparation prior to beginning concrete repairs.

This final phase of works is set to last approximately six months.