VolkerLaser completes works on the M3 Hackwood Road Bridge

VolkerLaser recently completed concrete repairs and cathodic protection works on the M3 Hackwood Road Bridge.

M3 Hackwood 3.jpg
M3 Hackwood 3.jpg

The extensive concrete repairs were undertaken on the bridge, as part of the Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF) for National Highways.

The team carried out continuity and half-cell tests that revealed weak areas within the bridge’s steel rebar, which were resolved by adding sacrificial galvanised anodes to the perimeter of all repair section areas. The installation of these anodes, aims to ensure that any future corrosion primarily affects the anodes rather than the steel structure itself, enhancing its long-term durability.

The bridge required repairs as it had suffered damage caused by water ingress, resulting in corrosion and deterioration. Some top sections of the west side of the bridge experienced section losses due to corrosion affecting the steel rebar and required the corroded steel to be replaced.

After completing further assessments, the team implemented encapsulated scaffolding to minimise disruption to live traffic and ensure the safe disposal of site waste materials, before using hydro-demolition to break out the affected areas.

Once this was completed, the team prepared the area by using Fosroc Renderoc DS spraying mortar, or HB40 hand repair, where access was limited. Each phase of repairs lasted approximately two weeks, involving break out, continuity tests, anode installation, area preparation, spraying, and a minimum three-day curing period before moving to the next section. This process was repeated throughout all sections, ensuring a comprehensive restoration of the entire structure.

VolkerLaser completed all works on time and to programme.