Whorlton bridge team donate projector

On Monday 15 April, representatives from VolkerLaser and Durham County Council met up at Whorlton Village Hall to donate a brand new projector.

Community donation from VolkerLaser

Senior project manager for VolkerLaser, Chris McHutchison was joined by Anthea Smith, Highways Services Manager for the council, to present the projector to the village hall committee team. Last year, VolkerLaser hired the Whorlton Village Hall to host a community event ahead of the works to the Whorlton Suspension Bridge, and discovered the hall did not have its own projector.

With the village hall being a charity, and relying on hall hire as its income stream, having a projector available makes the hall much more appealing. The chosen projector is also a short throw projector, being able to be placed just centimetres from the screen, meaning the hall space can be utilised much better.