West Park Car Park

West Park MSCP

Harrogate Borough Council identified the West Park multistorey car park as needing vital upgrades and refurbishment works, including new ventilation, lighting and fire alarm systems, as well as decoration and concrete repairs.

West Park Car Park - before

West Park MSCP before works

What we did

General dilapidation due to high volume of traffic can often create an unattractive and threatening environment for car park users, and local councillors insisted it was vital for residents and visitors of Harrogate to have access to good quality parking.

Originally built in the 1970’s, the top two decks of the car park were left exposed to the elements, meaning they usually remained closed during the winter months due to the surface being slippy for motorists and pedestrians. Developing an innovative solution, VolkerLaser designed a galvanised steel portal frame and a lightweight roof sheeting system which would cover the top two decks of the car park. This meant the car park would now have full use of all floors and parking spaces throughout the year.

West Park Car Park - after

West Park MSCP after works

As part of the car park upgrades, the dated exterior was enhanced with a colourful cladding system of powder coated aluminium panels, louvres and mesh screens. This brought the building in line with newer, adjoining structures; modernising the panorama of the area.

A key factor for this project was to limit the impact of the works on local businesses and residents. VolkerLaser were able to achieve this, requiring only a short term road closure whilst the team used a crane to lift materials onto the top decks of the car park. During the necessary concrete repair work on damage caused by years of water ingress, only partial deck closures were put in place, to ensure the majority of the car park remained open and accessible.

The refurbishment package was completed with the installation of a new ventilation system, LED lighting in the new roof space, an integrated fire alarm system and the application of anti-carbonation paint.

“Our investment in this project means that we can provide a safe and attractive car park that looks magnificent right in the heart of Harrogate town centre. This will be a great facility for all our residents and visitors and will ensure that Harrogate continues to be a great place to visit and do business”.

Councillor Phil Ireland Cabinet member for Sustainable Transport at Harrogate Borough Council